Oppo's SuperVooc charge earns praise for being 'too fast'

03:52 PM | 21 Dec, 2018
Oppo's SuperVooc charge earns praise for being 'too fast'
LAHORE — OPPO has been making into the headlines everywhere! Be it the amazing camera of the R17 Pro or the innovative technologies it keeps coming back with, it looks like their creative genius is at an all-time high and the users cannot stop talking about it.

The reason behind having such a huge customer base is that the brand continually comes up with solutions to common problems. Their latest night mode feature in the R17 Pro, for example, is giving people the OPPOrtunity to enjoy the nightlife as much as they would a bright, sunny day. Pictures taken in bad quality lighting come out looking perfect and isn’t that what we have always wanted?

So going on with their innovative streak, OPPO introduced the SuperVOOC technology and what it does is nothing short of amazing! Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead mobile phone is ironic, right? Yet, it has happened to the best of us. How many times have we gotten into trouble for not being able to inform about our whereabouts? The list is endless!

OPPO gets this, so the SuperVOOC allows you to charge your mobile phone to 40% in 10 minutes! You read that right! It is unbelievable and we love it. This technology is everything we have been waiting forever since we got our hands on smartphones. Never run out of battery; that is the dream!

The international media has been talking about SuperVOOC and here’s what they have to say:

Sam Byford – writing for The Verge – says, “This is easily the fastest I’ve ever seen a smartphone charge to full capacity. It’s also exactly as fast as OPPO claims it should be, right down to the minute, so good job there.”

According to an article published in GSMArena, “SuperVOOC approach is that it doesn't take more time for the phone to charge while you are using it for watching videos, web browsing and even gaming - it keeps the same pace as if the screen were turned off.”

Luca Zaninello, writes for AndroidPIT, “Given the incredible battery life of the Chinese smartphone, the SuperVOOC charge will definitely change your charging habits. You can safely consume every last mAh of the battery and then recharge it while you’re in the shower, cooking or watching TV.”

According to an article published in PC world, “SuperVOOC currently offers the fastest fast-charge available on a smartphone.”

The SuperVOOC technology was first seen in OPPO Find X Lamborghini edition and is now available in the recently launched OPPO’s R17 Pro. Both these phones are from the brand’s high-end range and have excellent features, so having one will surely do you good!

This flash charge technology has created a stir globally and has become a much-demanded feature. OPPO is surely giving other mobile phone companies a run for their money with their technological innovations and a commitment to deliver the best to its customers!

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