SELFIE FEVER: 4 caught driving at 205 km/hour in Dubai

03:35 PM | 21 May, 2015
SELFIE FEVER: 4 caught driving at 205 km/hour in Dubai
DUBAI (Web Desk) - Dubai Traffic Police caught four locals upon driving a vehicle at the speed of 205 km/hour and imposed a fine of Dh 1,000 while impounding their Nissan Patrol for a month, reported Al Khaleej newspaper.

A radar installed on Emirates Road caught a Nissan Patrol - old model - being driven by an Emirati and accompanied by three more men at a speed of 205 kilometers, said Colonel Saif Al Mazroui, Director of the General Directorate of Dubai traffic.

He added the four young men deliberately drove their car at such high speed just as they were approaching a radar.

He also added that the vehicle engine had been modified by its owner to increase its speed, which could be dangerous not only for the driver and passengers of that car but also other road users.

He added the young men didn’t only violate the speed limit but they committed the most serious violation of taking a selfie photo at such high speed.

He stressed that the speed of the new vehicle of such model is up to 180 kilometers but after the modifications on the engine, they turned the car into time bomb on the road.

He disclosed that Police has impounded the vehicle for a period of at least one month and fined the owner Dh1,000 for driving recklessly.

He added the owner will have to remove the changes made to the car before the expiry of the booking otherwise they will not be able to receive it.

The driver was also fined for using a mobile phone while driving and added that car violated all the safety standards on the road.

Al Mazroui disclosed that the Federal traffic Council has taken at its previous meetings recommendation to tighten the punishment for using a mobile phone while driving and develop a rule for those taking selfies while driving.