Meera passes driving test in New York, USA

02:29 PM | 21 Nov, 2019
Meera passes driving test in New York, USA

NEW YORK - Pakistan's most controversial star Meera Jee has been pretty active on Instagram these days. The actor has been sharing pictures and videos from her recent trips to the US and the Maldives as well as throwback pictures from when she was promoting their film Baaji.

Meera recently shared that she needs to give her driving test and she was having trouble preparing for the test because she doesn’t like to study.

The star expressed how studying for the exam made her sleepy and gave her dark circles. She also appealed to her fans to give her ideas on how she can pass the test.

While preparing for the test, Meera remembered that it was her friend Yousaf Salahuddin’s birthday so she decided to record a short video wishing him a happy birthday using her ‘Driver’s Manual’ as a prop. In her next post, Meera shared that she passed her exam.

“I am still in shock. I am still in shock how I pass the test?” she wrote in her caption adding that she is on her way back to Pakistan.

Meera Jee had also shared a picture of herself and her alleged husband Captain Naveed, asking her followers how they look together before casually mentioning again that she has passed her driving test.