The Amazing Love Story of 50-kg man and his 90-kg wife (DP VIDEO) 

10:28 PM | 22 Dec, 2020
The Amazing Love Story of 50-kg man and his 90-kg wife (DP VIDEO) 

KARACHI – A 90-kg heavy woman and her husband are talk of the town for breaking the taboo of body shaming in Pakistan.

Tuba, 26, and Faraz, 31, met at Karachi’s Ocean Mall, and instantly became friends. Their two-and-a-half-year long friendship recently led to a happy yet simple wedding.

The resident of Gulshan Iqbal told DailyPakistan in an exclusive interview that it was love at first sight when she met her future husband nearly three years ago.

“It was strangely awkward, but we exchanged numbers,” Tuba said, praising Faraz for accepting her as she is. 

“He has never asked me to lose weight, he always tells me to enjoy the life,” she added.

The 50-kg heavy husband also takes “very good care” of his wife, even helps her with daily chores.

When asked the same question, Faraz said he liked Tuba’s nature. “She is indeed very beautiful, and has a good heart,” he said while expressing his feelings for his partner for life. 

He also shared an incident when he gave a shut-up call to his friend for calling her with names.

In her message to young people, especially single women, Tuba advised everyone to be confident, saying “all you need is to groom yourself.”

Faraz, for his part, said “loyalty is the key to a happy marriage.”