After watching this video you will thank Quaid e Azam for making Pakistan

12:37 PM | 22 Mar, 2018
After watching this video you will thank Quaid e Azam for making Pakistan
MUMBAI - There are numerous reason to lavish praise on the founding father of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for giving Muslims of the sub-continent a separate homeland of their own, where they are free to live their lives.

The creation of Pakistan seems justified even after seven decades, despite the fact that the Muslim country is still facing a plethora of challenges in a visible contrast to its neighbour, however, with each passing day it is becoming evident that the creation of Pakistan, by the efforts of Quaid-e-Azam, was inevitable keeping in view the hostile attitude of the Indians.

Though the ultra-nationalist politicians living in close vicinity of Pakistan keep on displaying their hatred towards Pakistanis, be it on diplomatic front or cricket grounds, however, the bitterness has crept into common men as well.

A video, going viral on the internet, days before Pakistan day, bolsters the case that Quaid-e-Azam should be praised for Pakistan's creation as the video shows how ordinary people in India harbour a grudge against Pakistan.

The footage shows an Indian man chasing a bus before stopping it, merely for hanging the flag of Pakistan. Not only the bus, with passengers inside is put to a halt with audacity but the man, whose face is visible, compels the crew of the bus to take down the flag.

After taking down the Green flag, the Indian forces the senior citizen to walk over it but the most disturbing moment is when he was forced to chant 'Pakistan Murdabad' slogan.

The video is not the only evidence of how much Indians are filled with anger and resentment against Pakistan after 70 years, as a series of events in past corroborates the fact that Pakistan and Indians could not live under the same regime and the creation of Pakistan was unavoidable, for which Muhammad Ali Jinnah should be lauded.