Al-Azizia reference: Nawaz Sharif denies allegations, refuses to produce witness in defence

11:38 AM | 22 Nov, 2018
Al-Azizia reference: Nawaz Sharif denies allegations, refuses to produce witness in defence

ISLAMABAD - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif refused to produce a witness in his defence in the Al-Azizia reference filed by the National Accountability Bureau.

During the hearing of the case on Thursday, the former premier kept recording his statement under section 342 and denied the allegations put forth in the backdrop of his business dealings.

In his statement, the supreme leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz argued that the case against him was based on allegations hurled by his political opponents.

'The prosecution failed to prove its case against me,' Sharif said vehemently before Judge Arshad Malik.

He continued that neither he was the owner nor a benamidar of Al-Azizia Steel Mills or Hill Metal Establishment.

He argued that money was not sent to Hassan and Hussain Nawaz for either business or educational purposes.

Sharif expressed that the prosecution failed to prove that Hassan and Hussain Nawaz were his dependents.

Terming the report of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) one-sided, the elder Sharif expressed that even the Supreme Court was not satisfied with the report.

The former lawmaker expressed that apart from Wajid Zia, the head of six-men JIT and Investigation Officer (IO), no witness recorded a statemnet against him.

'Statements of Wajid Zia and Investigation Officer could not be admitted as tangible evidence,' argued Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif disclosed that the Al-Azizia Steel Mills was established by his late father Mian Sharif in 2001 when Hussain Nawaz aged 29.

'The JIT report falsely termed me as the owner of Hill Metal Establishemnt and Al-Azizia Steel Mills,' said Sharif.

The former legislator claimed that Wajid Zia and Investigation Officer admitted under oath that no evidence could be produced against him.

'I sacrificed a lot during the accountability process which was initiated on the basis of assumptions,' argued Nawaz Sharif.

Claiming that his children were carrying out business transactions legally outside Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif expressed that no illegality was traced in their dealings.

'My political career spanning over four decades is transparent,' argued Sharif.

Nawaz Sharif added that he was the son of Pakistan, citing the development projects carried out under his supervision.

'My children are financially independent and autonomous,' said Sharif and added that he was expecting dispensation of justice from the court.