‘No more Jiye Bhutto, but Jiye Awam,’ says Zulfikar Bhutto Jr at Sindh trans-march

10:36 PM | 22 Nov, 2022
‘No more Jiye Bhutto, but Jiye Awam,’ says Zulfikar Bhutto Jr at Sindh trans-march
Source: @BhuttoZulfikar/Twitter

Several transgender activists attended the first-ever Sindh ‘Moorat March’, demanding equality and protection of trans-community in Pakistan.

Transgenders from different areas of the southeastern province flocked to attend the event to raise voices for marginalised group. The event garnered attention with dialogues and emotional performances interspersed with creative slogans.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto junior, Bhutto family scion and an LGBT activist, also attended the march and one of the clips went viral. In his speech, Zulfikar Jr said Pakistani people should stop chanting 'Jiye Bhutto' which means long live Bhutto.

It’s time for "Jiye Awaam, Jiye Khawaja Sira and Jiye Aurat," he could be heard saying with many lauding the activist and for empowering a common man in feudal culture.

As his clips went viral, many activists and social media users showered love on him for new slogans. Aurat March Karachi, Progressive Students Federation Karachi, and other groups also attended the event.

The organisers and participants called on authorities to criminalize transphobic hate speech. They linked self-perceived gender identities to basic rights.

The Moorat March participants further called for abandoning trans-children and defend the Transgender Persons’ Protections act.

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