The tragic story of a Pakistani donkey who cried himself to death

06:43 PM | 22 Oct, 2016
The tragic story of a Pakistani donkey who cried himself to death
KARACHI - A donkey, who cried for the first two days nonstop before being rescued by a local NGO, took his last few breaths and passed away on Saturday at an animal shelter house in Karachi.

Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation, a local NGO, has shared the pictures of the ‘teardrop’ donkey which was rescued a few days ago.

“We tried everything from 24 hour care to making contraptions to help him stand so to help his digestive system function again to physiotherapy so to get his other unhurt 3 legs to gain some strength to one member of our team sitting with him all day massaging and petting him, making sure he feels loved.

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“But he did not have the will left in him to fight because for most of his life, he probably had no reason to want to live. And we couldn't change his mind in a few days,” the NGO said in a Facebook post.

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According to the Foundation, the donkey must have been lying in one spot in his terrible condition for days if not weeks, starving, thirsty, in so much pain and crying. “But no one saw his tears. No one bothered to help-he waited all that time and then just gave up hope.”


Continuing with a message for humans to care for animals, the NGO says: “It is our responsibility as human beings to at least try to make sure that no living being, human or animal leaves this world feeling dejected, unloved and completely hopeless.

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“If there are a million injured animals out there, there are also a million of us who can do something. If each of us helps even one helpless being in our lifetime, there will be a significant difference in this world.”

In the end, the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation stated that the donkey did not cry his last two days in their care. “He looked almost a little at peace. We hope now he's getting the justice and love he deserves. RIP.”