How technology is changing lives of Pakistanis?

08:12 PM | 22 Sep, 2018
How technology is changing lives of Pakistanis?
Imagine all service centres are closed for the day and you urgently need to pay your phone/ utility bill, fearing that the provider will shut off your access to the internet? Even worse, you won’t even be able to make a phone call.

In such a case, we are happy to announce that Ufone’s new Self Service Booths are your solution. They are there for you at all times of day, even if you remember your bill’s due date at an unearthly hour!

Like an ATM machine, the Self Service Booths provide customers with facilities they would normally have to personally visit a sales centre for. If, however, you don’t have the time to wait at one, or if there isn’t one located close to you, then the Self Service Booth is a great one-stop-shop for availing services such as these:

•        New SIM (Prepaid only) / SIM change

•        Bill Payment and Recharge

•        PTCL Bill Payment

•        Load SuperCard

Moreover, the Self Service Booths provide advanced services too like bio-metric re-verification as well as video-based customer support, if the need arises.

Ufone’s Self Service Booths are located at 37 locations in these 11 cities throughout Pakistan including:

1.      Abbottabad

2.      Attock

3.      Faisalabad

4.      Gujranwala

5.      Islamabad

6.      Karachi

7.      Lahore

8.      Multan

9.      Peshawar

10.    Rawalpindi

11.    Sialkot

You can find the nearest Self Service Booth by accessing the MyUfone APP (Customer Support -> Locate Us -> VTM Locations) or this by using this link:

The Self Service Booths have recently been conveniently upgraded to accept payments via both debit and credit cards, proving their improvement.

Ufone takes pride in being the most user-friendly service provider and having the most integrated customer convenience module with its Self-Care App, Digital & Web and now the Self Service Booth. These Self Service Booths will allow customers to utilise services in a secure and convenient manner round the clock.

By being the first to introduce the Self Service Booth in the local telecom market, Ufone has affirmed their determination to continuously prioritise and invest in state-of-the-art technology in order to enhance the overall customer experience.