Saudi social media celebrity accused of being a "negative influence" for showing off wealth

01:17 PM | 23 Jan, 2018
Saudi social media celebrity accused of being a
Afnan Al Batel, a prominent Saudi social media celebrity  has come under fire for flaunting her wealth on social media.

Earlier this week, a now-viral hashtag, which accuses Al Batel of showing off her possessions was launched on Twitter to call on people to block the star on social media platforms.

Many are also criticizing Al Batel for encouraging people to buy "overpriced" products. by constantly posting adverts.

It sparked a heated debate among users, many of whom deemed the behaviour of rich and famous Arab social media influencers "destructive to youth" and "unacceptable."

Users were angered by her showing off her wealth;

"She's showing off that she bought clothes for over a million riyals!!"  

Many dubbed her as a"negative influence" on society;

"One of Al Batel's negative effects on society."

"Boys and girls complain about their realities and hate the lives they have because they've come to believe that life is all about luxurious outings, first-class travel, and brands."

"Life is nothing like the vain life these people lead and portray."

Many also criticized the adverts the star kept posting about;

"Anyone who wants to advertise something must do that with integrity, they should try the products they ask people to go buy."

"I bet you that they've never tried any of the products they advertised"

Some talked about who had given them their fame and power;

"You're the ones who made them famous, you're also the ones who can shut them down. It's all up to you."

However, not all the Tweets were against Al Batel, with some even defending her.

"It's her account and her daily life, she's free to post anything she wants on there. People who are worried over their children viewing things like this should simply not download social media apps."

"It's right that she is opulent but you have nothing to do with her. It's her money and she's free to spend it the way she wants to. It's unacceptable to defame her this way."