CJP Nisar ashamed over slow pace of judicial system

11:23 AM | 23 Jun, 2018
CJP Nisar ashamed over slow pace of judicial system
KARACHI - Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar, rebuked the additional sessions judge in Karachi for his slow pace of work and felt ashamed over the slackness of judicial system.

During the whirlwind visit to the Sessions court in Larkana on Saturday, the top judge visited different court rooms for inspection.

When the judge reached the court room number 3, he was riled by the presence of mobile phone which belonged to a judge.

Mian Saqib Nisar smashed the mobile phone on the table and advised the judge to not bring it with him to the court.

'How many cases you have heard uptill now,' wondered the CJP to which the judge replied that he had heared three cases.

The reply angered the top judge who said that how would justice be dispened at such a slow pace.

'To where Sindh and Pakistan is heading to, what have you done regarding the case pertaining to missing persons, wind up the cases at the earliest,' asserted the chief justice.

The top judge also met the senior lawyers and addressed them, saying, he was not afraid of their boycotts.

'I have left my seat to dispense justice for which you guys can also play a pivotal part,' remarked the judge.