'Holy deal' – Karachi woman buys 208 burgers using 26 ATM cards

03:12 PM | 24 Apr, 2021
'Holy deal' – Karachi woman buys 208 burgers using 26 ATM cards

With Ramadan being celebrated zealously, food deals always keep pouring in successfully keeping the food lovers excited and craving scrumptious meals.

Food chains and restaurants take full advantage of such slots and currently are offering a wide range of deals and discounts on meals for the ongoing month of Ramadan.

Similarly, a food enthusiast has availed the promotional deal to its maximum potential in the most unusual way.

As a well-known international food chain based in Karachi has introduced a deal on a bank's ATM card, under which a customer can get 4 Zinger burgers for Rs 550 a day and one card in 24 hours. The deal can be taken advantage of twice.

A Karachi lady came to know about the deal and she immediately rushed to the food chain located in the Khayaban Shahbaz area of ​​Karachi with 26 ATM cards and ordered two deals for each card.

"We were bound to serve the woman since the company has introduced the deal, but it was interesting to see that she had remembered the PIN codes for all the cards."

Further, the manager of the international food chain told the local media that the woman paid a bill of Rs 26,800 and left with 208 burgers.

Such peculiar things reinforce the notion that burger lovers are excessively fond of such deals and relish such deals fully.

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