16 HIV-positive IS terrorists are ordered to become suicide bombers

04:53 PM | 24 Aug, 2015
16 HIV-positive IS terrorists are ordered to become suicide bombers

BAGHDAD (Web Desk) - At least 16 ‘Islamic State’ terrorists who contracted HIV after having unprotected sex with two Moroccan sex slaves have been ordered to carry out suicide attacks, a doctor forced to treated them has claimed.

The men, most of whom are foreign fighters, were treated at an ISIS-run hospital in the east-Syrian city of Al-Mayadeen and then quarantined, the Daily Mail reported.

ISIS beheaded a fighter who knowingly allowed his HIV-infected blood to be transfused to another terrorist this year.


The fighters had sex with the women before it was later revealed they had HIV, medical sources told ARA News.

The source, whose name has not been reported, said they were 'ordered by the group's leadership' to quarantine the infected in the city centre.

He also said the Moroccan women escaped to Turkey because they feared ISIS would execute them.


It caused widespread panic among the group's leadership which will 'assign suicide attacks for militants who tested positive with HIV,' an activist in Al-Mayadeen told ARA.

In June, ISIS executed an Indonesian fighter for knowingly passing on the disease on to his 15-year-old Yazidi sex slave and donating his blood to an ISIS-run hospital.

An Egyptian extremist who received his blood and two Saudi-nationals who raped the teenager all contracted it.

An investigation into the Indonesian's medical records revealed he knew he was a carrier before joining ISIS in September 2013, local activists Sound and Picture claimed.

Its undercover journalists revealed that ISIS has been carrying out extensive blood tests on all fighters since the Aids scare.

He told another anti-ISIS activist group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, that the terror group set up an Aids-detection centre in Al-Mayadeen.

A doctor working there said ISIS commanders 'stressed the need to check each drop of blood transferred to IS members,' the journalist claimed.

Hospitals in Islamic State's adopted capital, Raqqa, has suffered from a lack of equipment which detects Aids for more than two years, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently claimed in July.

The activists said transfusions had been carried out with blood or safety tests to check if it was disease-free.


It said the virus is prevalent in ISIS because a large number of fighters 'are drug addicts or have criminal backgrounds' and disease spreads quickly because the extremists frequently swap wives and sex slaves.