Meera Jee thinks "No one really makes an effort to know Meera the person"

02:19 PM | 25 Apr, 2018
Meera Jee thinks

NEW YORK - Meera Jee is reported to be in New York these days. Meera was a US national for almost 12 years and Long Island was her home for around a decade. Now she is back there working for an upcoming film.

In an interview with Instep, she was questioned about any men in her life.

“You know my dear, I am very busy these days and have no time for men,” she said, casually. “The truth is that no one approaches me either! All the men think that I am not approachable. No one approaches me to be their girl friend or to marry them. Yes, I have many fans who want to take pictures with me; they want me to give them autographs and that’s about it. No one really makes an effort to know ‘Meera the person’. They just want pictures with ‘Meera the actor.’ I feel that men don’t want to be with a strong media person such as myself. Perhaps they get intimidated. I don’t know because no one tells me.”

About what she looks for in a man? She said.

“My relationship needs are simple,” she responded. “Stability, loyalty, consistency, with someone who’s pleasant is what I desire, if anything at all.  However, I’m not willing to support anyone financially! Marriage is not even the main thing – it’s more important to find that caring person who values your companionship. Sex is not love. Love is caring. Mental connection is key and that’s what I crave. I have no desire to have kids and that’s a conscious choice I’ve made. I love kids but don’t want any of my own. In some ways, I’m still a kid myself! Having my own kid is a huge responsibility that I’m not ready for.”

Meera Jee, enjoy your time in the States!