16 Reasons why Karachi can never become Lahore

05:46 PM | 25 Feb, 2016
16 Reasons why Karachi can never become Lahore
Lahore-Karachi war is not new. The rift between the two biggest metropolitan cities is very old as Karachites keep on throwing shades as how they are better than Lahoris. This war is endless. I believe Karachites suffer with serious impostor syndrome whenever I read the comparisons they draw to look down at us. I am sorry but not sorry at all for writing to all those who keep on firing or lashing at Zinda dilan e Lahoris for one reason or another, and the reasons too pretty baseless. I thought of jotting down 7 points why Life in Lahore is way better than Karachi. But when I started writing I thought 7 are not enough because I had another 9 points to further clear to all the chauvinists and justify why Lahore Lahore Hai.

P.S the article is just for fun so please no offence.

1. We don't die in a freaking BORI

2. We only call someone “Bhai” if we have same parents and yes we never HAVE to listen to them forcefully.

I hope all the people who have an eye around got me.

3. When a leader dies, we acknowledge the reality of it. No “Jiay” and No “Zinda” hai.

4. We can talk on the phone while walking in our street and we don't need an extra Nokia 3310 to protect our iPhone.


5. No Bhatta


6. No Target Killing


7. No Saeen


Above reasons not enough for you? here are 9 more

8. LOLLYWOOD = Lahore


9. Capital of the most prosperous province of Pakistan


10. The roads of Lahore are the best.


11. Lahore Lahore Ay


12. We enjoy all four seasons in their full bloom every year


13. We have a night life here - Sewerage cum Clifton beach is not our only escape


14. We don't see Pan Spits everywhere on our roads


15. Our ironed hair last pretty long and don't get ruined because of the unbearable moisture in the air


16. We have the food, not just food but certainly the best food and restaurants in Pakistan


And yeah mentioning once again, this is just for fun so please don't take any offence.