Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President John Kennedy

11:44 PM | 11 Feb, 2023
Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President John Kennedy
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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."  - William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)

When John F. Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was apprehended within hours of the assassination. It was alleged, and the media was filled with the story, that he had assassinated John Kennedy by firing at him from the sixth floor of a building known as the Texas School Book Depository Building, a warehouse for school textbooks. According to the Warren Commission LHO fired three shots with his rifle and these were fired in a span of six seconds. It was later alleged that not only had he killed JFK, he had also murdered a police officer named J.D. Tippit. John Kennedy was killed at 12:30 p.m., just half an hour after mid-day on Friday November 22, 1963, Texas time (currently Mountain Standard Time). It is fascinating that even before Oswald was charged with the murder of JFK, newspapers in Christchurch, NZ, had printed pictures of Oswald as the murderer of JFK. How could that be? An agency with a worldwide reach had fed the story, and the pictures, not realizing that NZ was 18-20 hours ahead of the US and that an extra newspaper edition could come out early creating a question mark in the minds of those who study these things!

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, who had a desk at the White House from 1955-1964, and who coordinated between the armed forces and the CIA for CIA operations requiring military support, points out that there are three factors in the assassination: i) the power to take the decision, ii) the “mechanics” to carry it out and iii) the creation and maintenance of a false cover story. The false cover story is the so-called lone gunman story – LHO was a lone gunman who had killed JFK from the Book Depository Building. Two days later LHO was killed by a Jewish night-club owner named Jacob Rubinstein (or Jack Ruby) and the whole thing was effectively buried. It can be established that LHO did not kill John Kennedy, or for that matter, anyone. But the false story has been maintained for six decades. As Prouty remarks, it is the maintenance of a false story “that reveals the nature of the top echelon involved and the power and skillful determination of the plotters who benefitted by gaining control of the presidency.” Such is the control of narrative that if you type the question “Who was JFK’s killer?” today, almost sixty years later, in a Google search, the instant answer is “Lee Harvey Oswald”.

How do we know that LHO did not kill Kennedy or anyone else? Soon after he was arrested he was given something known as a nitrate test. This test proved that LHO had not fired a gun in the previous 24 hours! That settled the matter but the plotters of the assassination had such power that, as pointed out by District Attorney Jim Garrison, “This fact was kept secret by both the federal government and the Dallas police for ten months.” And this devastating fact has been buried because the mainstream media has never mentioned this. One can only find it on p xiii of the book On the Trail of the Assassins written by Jim Garrison. Why was it kept secret and why was it buried? To impose the false cover story on the public mind and deny the existence of any conspiracy. Had the negative result of the nitrate test come out into the open immediately, Oswald would have been proved innocent and the existence of a conspiracy would have become obvious. 

A story was planted suggesting that Oswald had ordered a gun, an Italian Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. It was sent to a postbox which was linked to Oswald. The former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, who is an ex-Navy seal, has raised a most pertinent question: “Lord Almighty, folks. So if you could walk into any gun store in Texas back then and buy a rifle with no record of the purchase, then why would a criminal buy one by mail-order that left a paper trail right up to their own doorstep?” The answer to this question is also given by Ventura: “Let me answer that one for you: they wouldn’t.  So why would somebody do that? You’d only do that if you were trying to set somebody up. That’s why Oswald – as has been proven – was actually at work when they say he was buying the money order that paid for the rifle.” When Oswald was arrested he was asked if he owned a rifle? His answer was no he did not.

There are further problems with the Oswald story. All the shots that were fired at President Kennedy were fired within a total of six seconds. Now can one fire three shots in six seconds with a Mannlicher-Carbcano rifle? The answer can be provided by employing outstanding marksmen to repeat the same and see if they succeed.   Jesse Ventura tried it with the exact same rifle but could not. He writes: “I know rifles, I know shooting, I know combat, as well as being a qualified marksman with both pistol and rifle.” As Governor Minnesota he tested himself and found that he still qualified as “expert marksman”. He then stated: “In my test-firing of the weapon, I used the same rifle and the same ammunition as in the official version. Here’s my conclusion: It’s a total unprofessional piece of junk and it’s absolutely impossible all the shooting was done with that rifle.” Jesse Ventura has posted his attempt to repeat the official claim on you-tube. One may type “Jesse Ventura tries to duplicate Oswald’s shooting sequence” in a you-tube search and see the actual experiment.

Jesse Ventura was not the only one who tried to duplicate the official version. A legendary U.S. marksman named Carlos Hathcock tried the same.  Ventura says that Hathcock was a “combat sniper extraordinaire…. He wasn’t just good – he was as good as it gets.” As senior instructor at the Marine Corps Sniper School, Hathcock carried out the experiment. “We reconstructed the whole thing: the angle, the range, the moving target, the obstacles. I don’t know how many times we tried it, but couldn’t duplicate what Warren Commission said Oswald did.”  Hathcock further stated: “Now if I can’t do it, how in the world could a guy who was non-qual on the rifle range and later only qualified ‘marksman’ do it?” Please note “marksman” is the lowest grade in shooting. 

There is additional evidence, ignored or altered by the Warren Commission, that indicated that Oswald had not killed Kennedy. The Dallas police chief was reported to have said: “We don’t have proof that Oswald fired that rifle, and never did.  Nobody has been able to put him in that building with a gun.” This was reported by the Dallas Morning News of Nov 6, 1969, and has been cited by Jim Mars in his famous book Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy. Within a couple of minutes of the shooting a woman employee of the Book Depository saw Oswald on the second floor of the building with a coca cola bottle in his hand. “I had no thoughts of him having any connection with it all because he was very calm.” 

Author Anthony Summers wrote: “The bald fact is that Oswald cannot be placed on the sixth floor either at the time of shooting or the half hour before it. The last time he was reliably seen before the assassination was by Mrs. Arnold in the second floor lunchroom. The next time Oswald was firmly identified was immediately after the assassination – again in the second floor lunch room.”  Jesse Ventura points out: “An employee named Bonnie Ray Williams was eating lunch on the sixth floor till 12:15 p.m. and testified that Oswald was not there.” To have fired at the president from the sixth floor, hiding the rifle, and running down to the second floor and buying a coca cola from a vending machine on that floor and looking calm was just not possible. Four witnesses placed Oswald on the second floor from 12:15 onwards until just after the shooting.

So we have the nitrate test and the impossibility of firing three shots in six seconds with a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Add to this the fact that LHO was not a good marksman and was, according to eye-witnesses, on the second floor of the building and was not on the sixth floor. And, according to the Dallas police chief, no one saw him in the building with a gun. There are no eyewitnesses in the building who placed him on the sixth floor – he was on the second floor. LHO was killed by Jack Ruby a couple of days later while being moved in police custody. Ruby had intended to kill LHO with three bullets but he managed to get only one bullet into LHO before he was overpowered. As a result, Oswald did not die immediately. 

While Oswald was being dealt with at Parkland Hospital surgery, Dr. Crenshaw noticed an unknown man in the operation theatre with a gun hanging by his back pocket. Dr. Crenshaw was told that there was an important call for him. When Crenshaw took the call, the new President of the U.S., Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) was on the line! “Dr. Crenshaw how is the accused assassin?” asked LBJ. “Mr. President he’s holding his own at the moment” replied Dr. Crenshaw. LBJ told Crenshaw in a firm tone: “Dr. Crenshaw I want a deathbed confession from the accused assassin. There is a man in the operating room who will take the statement.  I will expect full cooperation in the matter.” Crenshaw had told LBJ that Oswald was holding out but he wanted a” deathbed confession”! Either Johnson knew that Oswald will not survive, or was he telling Crenshaw that Oswald must not survive? What if Oswald survived? Would someone else kill him? When Crenshaw returned to the operation theatre the huge man with the pistol was still there. Moments later Oswald’s heart began to fail. Crenshaw walked up to the armed man and told him there would no deathbed confession. The man disappeared and was never seen again. Why did the President of the United States call Dr. Crenshaw? Why not the FBI or the Dallas police? Why was LBJ so keen that LHO must not survive?

Oswald was a creature of the intelligence agencies of the United States. When the Warren Commission closed its proceedings, 8 out of 13 files pertaining to Oswald were declared classified and District Attorney Jim Garrison was not allowed to see them! He concluded that something about this matter was “fishy”.  If Oswald was a lone nut why were there classified files on him which even a District Attorney investigating the assassination could not access? He was recruited from the Army by the CIA for the purpose of double agent assignment in the then USSR. James Jesus Angleton, Head of the CIA counter-intelligence wing ran, what Patrick Nolan has called “a fake defector program.” Oswald was part of this program, had “defected” to the USSR for over a couple of years and then returned without any problem whatsoever.

While to the public he was presented as a Communist, as a pro-Castro activist, Oswald was also associated with a top secret laboratory in New Orleans which was dedicated to producing cancer causing viruses by experimenting with mice and monkeys. The association of Oswald with this top-secret lab has been established beyond any doubt by author Edward T. Haslam in his book Dr. Mary’s Monkey.  Mary was Dr. Mary Sherman who too died later in a horrible and unexplained manner. This lab was directed by the highly influential Dr. Alton Oschner, President of the American Cancer Society, a man of ultra-right-wing views, who mixed with men like Gen. Bill Donovan, the head of OSS (Office of Strategic Services – the precursor of the CIA). As Haslam points out: “Imagine how difficult it would have been to investigate and prosecute Lee Oswald in a court of Law for killing Kennedy without exposing that laboratory, its sponsors, the cancer causing viruses that had contaminated the polio vaccine…. Can you imagine the publicity? The political fallout? With one side of Lee’s life connected to anti-Communists like Oschner, Reily and Banister (and perhaps the FBI and the CIA) and the other side connected to Carlos Marcello and almost everyone around him, Oswald’s trial would have exposed everything.” Marcello was the New Orleans mafia boss who was accused later of involvement in the JFK assassination.

Finally, those who knew Oswald well could never believe that he could kill anyone, not even a chicken. George de Mohrenschildt was an aristocratic Russian émigré whose father had been the governor of Minsk in Russia. Oswald’s most frequent contact in Dallas was with de Mohrenschildt who, it is believed, worked for the CIA. Jim Garrison writes: “Both de Mohrenschildt and his wife were positive that the shooting of a President, or even a rabbit for that matter, simply was not in Oswald’s make-up. They were vigorous in their insistence that Oswald had been a scapegoat. I was particularly affected by the depth of their unhappiness at what had been done not only to John Kennedy, but to Lee Oswald as well.”  

At the secret New Orleans laboratory one of the co-workers of Oswald was a young woman named Judyth Vary Baker. Oswald was married, and soon after starting to work at the lab. Judyth also got married though her husband went off to work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently Oswald and Judyth fell in love. When Judyth protested to Dr. Oschner for having tested the cancer producing bio-weapon on an unwitting prisoner, who died 28 days later, her fate was sealed. Oschner turned hostile, reneged on his promise to get her into Tulane medical school, and she went off to her husband in Florida whereas Oswald was ordered to go to Dallas. The two had fallen in love and would talk on secure lines used by the mafia. On November 20, 1963, Oswald told her that there would be an attempt on JFK’s life in Dallas two days later. He was aware but was not anti-JFK. He and David Ferrie, who too was killed later (death ruled suicide), had told Judyth that they were working on the cancer producing bio-weapon to kill Castro before Dr. Oschner and his friends decided to kill Kennedy! When Oswald was killed Judyth was told by David Ferrie on phone to keep quiet or she too would be killed. After 35 years of silence finally Judyth spoke out and has devoted her life to clearing Oswald’s name. She believes that Oswald was not a killer and could not kill JFK. She has written several books, starting in 2006, with the purpose of clearing his name.

Syed Mujahid Kamran was the Vice Chancellor of Punjab University, Lahore. He was a Fullbright Fellow at University of Georgia, USA, during 1988-89 and professor of physics at King Saud University, Riyadh, from 2001 to 2004.


Pakistani rupee exchange rate to US dollar, Euro, Pound, Dirham, and Riyal - 26 Feb 2024

Pakistani currency remains stable against US dollar in the open market on February 26, 2024 (Monday).

US Dollar rate in Pakistan

In the open market, the US dollar was being quoted at 279.5 for buying and 282.55 for selling.

Euro currently stands at 302 for buying and 305 for selling while British Pound rate stands at 352.5 for buying, and 356 for selling.

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Today’s currency exchange rates in Pakistan - 26 Feb 2024

Source: Forex Association of Pakistan. (last update 09:00 AM)
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UK Pound Sterling GBP 352.5 356
U.A.E Dirham AED 76.1 76.8
Saudi Riyal SAR 74.35 75.1
Australian Dollar AUD 181 183
Bahrain Dinar BHD 743.88 751.88
Canadian Dollar CAD 207 209
China Yuan CNY 38.89 39.29
Danish Krone DKK 40.38 40.78
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 35.76 36.11
Indian Rupee INR 3.37 3.48
Japanese Yen JPY 2.1 2.18
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Norwegians Krone NOK 26.43 26.73
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