Brooke Bond Supreme’s new TVC Reminds us of the Importance of Kindness in these difficult times!

01:14 PM | 25 Jun, 2020
Brooke Bond Supreme’s new TVC Reminds us of the Importance of Kindness in these difficult times!

Brooke Bond Supreme has recently come up with a heartening and comforting TVC in these difficult times of physical distancing. It goes without saying that being physically apart, we need each other more than ever now. The TVC is aimed at creating awareness of emotional unity and care among the masses when they are stuck in a pandemic and their lives have been totally transformed. Since it’s on-air, the TVC is being immensely admired and making waves on social media due to its out-of-the-box idea, brilliant conceptualization, and amazing execution, keeping in view the country's current situation.

Brooke Bond Supreme gives a strong message about the importance of not letting physical distance keep us from being socially and emotionally together, in a very subtle way. The TVC engages the audience and succeeds in portraying a much-needed message of staying together (Showing Apnapan) when many people around us are infected by COVID-19 and are living in isolation. The commercial also targets the fact that Coronavirus patients have to be kept in isolation until their recovery, but that doesn’t mean that we stop caring about them. 

It mainly features a woman whose neighbour next door is COVID positive and how she takes care of his needs without maintaining any physical contact with the patient. With minimal actors on board, the TVC imparts the great message of caring about people around us who are affected by the pandemic in some way or the other whilst ensuring our own safety.

It delivers a distinctive concept of altruism and compassion that take small actions as expressions of Apnapan to let the other person know that we are there for them in these harsh times and emotionally together.

Kudos to Brooke Bond Supreme for creating this beautiful ad campaign promoting the concept of staying together in times of physical distancing.