Experience Black Friday for the very first time on leading online grocery store

01:37 PM | 25 Nov, 2016
Experience Black Friday for the very first time on leading online grocery store
The e-market will face another year of shopping extravaganza with hails of massive discounts like boulders and unpredictable effects on the consumers. Just like last year’s Black Friday storm, this year’s shopping bonanza is also expected to beat all previous records.

For those who live under a rock, Black Friday is a global shopping event offering massive discounts and spectacular deals to the masses. It attracts shoppers from all walks of life and offer them the best shopping experience. The event is a once in a year chance to buy everything that you have been waiting to purchase for a long time.

The event is a once in a year chance to buy everything that you have been waiting to purchase for a long time.

Black Friday Pakistan 2016 is almost here

This year, the shopping event will take place on 25th November 2016 when both hands of the clock meet at midnight. The event will be at its best by mid-day and shall continue to break sale records till night. All day long the buyers will be exposed to some of the fascinating deals online.

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Guess who is participating in the Black Event this year?

Captivating a market of millions, all online stores will be taking the opportunity and will be offering the best deals in the market. Among all the major online outlets, TazaMart, Pakistan’s leading online grocery store is also making its debut this year. For the first time ever in the history, Black Friday is offering major discounts on grocery as well. The bargain bonanza on TazaMart is no different than others, with some interesting discounts on everyday household items.

Customers will get the opportunity to avail the discounts on almost all the household items. They will get a sneak peek of the deals prior to the event while other offers will be revealed on the big day and shall be available until mid-night.

Incredible Discounts on All Grocery Items

The enticing discounts on TazaMart starts from 20% and surge up to 70% on all major product categories. Adding to the delight of the customers, there are discount bundles with top of the line products from leading brands. Joining hands with some of the leading grocery brands, there will be some amazing offers that you cannot afford to miss. A chance to get so much at the same time in a single day comes just once a year on Black Friday.


The event is still days away but the hype is already there all over the digital media. Soon, the virtual shelves will be lined with grocery items with discounts that will be impossible to resist. It is the best time of the year to shop smart and spend all the yearlong savings at the right place. Shoppers will get spectacular discounts on fresh items, household, personal care, food, frozen food and pet food.

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Prepare yourself, it’s almost here

The competition is intense this year as all major players are preparing to open the Black Friday event with a bunch of hard-core discounts. Since it is the second time in a row for the event to take place in Pakistan, the sale-scale level is set much higher than it was last year. The 24 hour marathon will get better with each passing hour as it will be heading to its grand finale for 2016. It’s just one day against millions of shoppers waiting to get their hands on the best deals. So, it’s all about being quick to score a great deal.

Are you wondering what the frenzy is all about at a store that sells grocery products? Prepare yourself because the online grocery storm is raging and is taking a form of a tornado. It just a matter of time before the event start taking its toll on you. Free your schedule for the big day, grab your phone or any other device and visit TazaMart on November, 25th 2016. You are guaranteed to find deals that you can enjoy all day long on Black Friday. So, mark your calendars to prepare in advance because Black Friday is almost here.