Alamgir gets a new kidney after 13 years of waiting (VIDEO)

The 65-year-old singer undergoes a successful transplant in the US

05:00 PM | 25 Nov, 2020
Alamgir gets a new kidney after 13 years of waiting (VIDEO)

Pakistan’s pop legend Alamgir Haq had been battling deteriorating health for a few years and was diagnosed with double kidney failure in 2004. 

After 13-years of struggling with dialysis, he finally received a successful kidney transplant last week. In a recent video making rounds on social media, the Dekha Na Tha singer shared the good news with his fans.

“By the grace of Allah and your prayers, after 13-years of continuous dialysis, I have received a successful kidney transplant,” Alamgir said. “I got a call from Emery Hospital at 3 A M that a matching kidney has been found and I should reach the hospital in two hours.”

According to Alamgir, the same surgeon refused to perform this procedure on him fix years ago when he was appointed for his surgery. “My turn for the transplant had also come almost five years back, but the same surgeon had refused to perform the operation after inspecting my kidneys in detail my kidneys had enlarged unusually, so he decided to remove them.”

The 65-year-old has given Pakistan's people massive hits in the years like – Dekha Na Tha, Albela Rahi, and Yeh sham Aur Tera Naam.

The singer expressed his happiness shortly after the newly received transplant. He said, “The operation was successful. It has been a week since I have come home from the hospital.” Alamgir also mentioned that he was strictly instructed to self-isolate by doctors because his immune system is vulnerable right now. “I have been told not to meet anyone and to not go out under any circumstances. This is because my immune system will not be working to its fullest for at least a month. Subsequently, I have a high risk of contracting Covid-19.”

He also candidly joked about eating the things he was forbidden from having for almost 10 years. “I can eat anything now,” Alamgir laughed. He concluded his message by saying that he will be on our TV screens in the next few months.

Despite serious health concerns for the past 10 years, Alamgir gave a speech at an event organized by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), where the guests paid tribute to his endless devotion and commitment and contribution to the institute.

Among the pioneers of Pop music in Pakistan, Alamgir is famously addressed as “Baba-e-Pop’ which translates to King of Pop. His style of singing is compared with playback singer Ahmed Rushdi and Elvis Presley.