Entrepreneurship as a discipline in Pakistan

11:04 AM | 26 Jan, 2019
Entrepreneurship as a discipline in Pakistan
Entrepreneurship is a systematic initiative taken in order to launch a new business. Being an entrepreneur allows you to give a holistic shape to your innovations. The development of entrepreneurship culture relies upon the economic policies of a state. Since last decade there has been a massive increase in this trend. The online social marketing has brought home an idea of entrepreneurship to the people all over the world and it gives an easy access to the customers living miles apart. Like other business institutes around the globe, the universities and colleges in Pakistan have reinforced entrepreneurship to be a separate discipline.

Due to this emerging trend, numbers of Pakistani students prefer entrepreneurship to be their majors as it enables them to transform their innovative thoughts into the reality. The institutes offering this major in Pakistan are HEC recognized and hires the specialized faculty who’s familiar with the economic evolution over time. More than 80% of the fresh graduates in Pakistan aim for getting a highly paid and prestigious jobs rather than launching their own services. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s Report of 2010, Pakistan is still struggling for development of an entrepreneurial culture.

The institutes in Pakistan offering the discipline of entrepreneurship have well-organized systematic curriculums which allow the instructors to access their students not only on the bases of their learning abilities but also upon their body language, critical thinking and public speaking abilities. It’s significant to be well informed regarding the history and background of a subject along with its pros and cons. Therefore, there are courses that serve as prerequisite and allow the students to understand the importance of entrepreneurship as tool for development along with the basic conceptual principles of innovation. These beginner level courses are offered to every student. The ones who are not planning to choose this discipline as their career can also register the course that later on develops the interests. The most significant course for this discipline is business design. This course plays a key role in allowing them to present their own systematic business strategies. Some of the other higher level core courses are offered which plays a key role in development of capabilities to carry out an entrepreneurial activity. Before the accomplishment of degree students are allowed to polish their theoretical knowledge by applying it over their practical experiences.

The professors and researchers in Pakistan have joined their heads for developing schemes to collaborate with the international institutes. The post-doctoral research report by Sajjad Ahmed Khan, the student of school of entrepreneurship and business University of Essex South end-on-Sea, United Kingdom states that out of 113 business institutes all over United Kingdom, each of them offers unique courses for this discipline regarding public enterprise and management, creative industry management programs, international small business management and social community enterprises management. Incorporation of such courses in already existing system of Pakistan’s entrepreneurial education and their practical application can do wonders to the economic growth and development of a state.