Vlogging - an impractical career choice

11:10 AM | 26 Jan, 2019
Vlogging - an impractical career choice
Vlogging, for quite some time now has been flourishing amongst our young minds as a substitute for a full time job and this is impractical. Not to deny that there have been instances of great financial success in video blogging but it's limited to a very few names and that too is followed by production of greatly unique yet catchy content and awaiting remarkable viewership for a time as long as months to a year or so.

Considering it easy money and fun filled activity, young people are joining the race of publishing content irregardless of its quality which obviously fails to attract a good number of views. Speaking of which, this is a total wastage of time, energy and ideas.

Vlogging as a career choice is jot only impractical but also unsustainable.

Digitalworld continuously undergoes drastic changes, and websites are at times banned or taken down the web world led by some controversy or security threat. Banning of YouTube a few years ago is one recent example and in such cases a vlogger's hard work in building up his/her digital identity and followership goes to waste. It breaks the income and frustrates the Vlogger of sudden failure.

Vlogging, from a rational point of view is not a business but a good part time activity and very impractical and unsustainable as full time career choice.