Data Analytica's parent company gave lessons to NATO troops, claims report

12:41 PM | 27 Mar, 2018
Data Analytica's parent company gave lessons to NATO troops, claims report
RIGA - A parent company of Cambridge Analytica, an Anglo-American data company, which is making headlines after the revelation of the massive breach of Facebook users’ data, has been teaching personnel of NATO military and other staffers in the capital of Latvia, claimed a media report.

LSM citing TV3 television's Nekā Personīga (Nothing Personal) investigative programme aired on March 25 said that Strategic Communications Laboratories Group (SCL) remained active in Latvia recently where it taught an 8-week long course at NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE) which is based in Rīga.

Cambridge Analytica came under the radar last week when news surfaced that data from a staggering 50 million Americans from Facebook was used by Cambridge Analytica for devising digital media strategy for Donald Trump before the 2016 presidential elections.

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STRATCOMCOE's director Jānis Sarts talking in the show said that the course was attended by "NATO military personnel and ministry representatives”. He clarified that the course more focused on social interaction but the methods had no links with digital manipulation.

STARTCOM’s director further said that the content of the course, which took place three years ago, carried nothing new in it. Sarts said that the NATO’s center stopped getting services from the SCL as content of the course was not impressive.

It is to mention that LSM, a year ago, reported that Cambridge Analytica's parent company was active in Latvia with a project from 2010 during which it suggested stoking ethnic tensions as an effective election strategy for a political party.