IGP orders changes in Punjab Police uniform

06:40 PM | 27 Nov, 2017
IGP orders changes in Punjab Police uniform
LAHORE - Punjab Inspector General of Police Arif Nawaz Khan has issued orders to change the pattern, cap, and badges of ranks of the new olive green uniform of Punjab Police, according to a recent notification - Amendment in Punjab Police Dress Regulations 2017.

According to the existing pattern of the uniform, “the beret cap shall be worn with the office working dress only in case of constables and head constables.”

But, after the introduction of the amendments, police officers will be allowed to use ranks made of metal and officials below the rank of ASI will be allowed to wear beret cap.

The officers of ASI and above ranks may wear the beret cap with the field working dress. According to the amended pattern, constables and head constables may also wear beret cap with field working dress, like the officers of the rank of ASI and above.

As far as badges of ranks are concerned, according to the existing pattern, the badges of rank are the slip-on type and embroidered with silver thread on the dark olive green fabric, as that of the shirt. After the amended pattern, badges of ranks of silver metal shall be worn/put-on on the shoulders straps of the shirt, jersey, and jacket instead of slip-on typed embroidered badges of ranks. Similarly, shoulder badges of letters ‘POLICE’ shall also be worn/put-on of same silver metal as of badges of metallic ranks, on shirt, jersey, and jacket.

IGP Punjab Arif Nawaz Khan, in olive uniform.

The new olive green uniform had attracted a mixed response from the rank and file of police. While it was appreciated by few quarters, many officers, including officers of additional inspector general rank had expressed reservations off the record.