Mariyam Nafees lashes out at the man who sent her indecent messages

03:47 PM | 28 Jun, 2021
Mariyam Nafees lashes out at the man who sent her indecent messages

Celebrities often receive criticism for their lifestyle choices, especially female stars who seemingly fall prey to keyboard warrior's backlash more than their male counterparts.

Recently, Pakistani starlet Mariyam Nafees shared her ordeal of a man sending her indecent messages on Instagram. Naming and shaming the man publicly for his audacity, the Diyar e Dil star sternly said that actresses are not prostitutes.

Sharing a picture of a conversation where the man offers an amount 'for few hours with his friend.', the Ishq Jaleibi actor wrote, 

"The point of putting this up is because I truly want to put a stop to this, I don’t know who’s responsible for these morons to think this way and who’s entertaining them but no! Absolutely not! I and my esteemed co-actresses respectfully work for twelve hours (sometimes more) every day and we refuse to tolerate this mentality." 

Further, she added, "We come from educated backgrounds to make a name for ourselves, nobody and I mean not a single person is allowed to disrespect us. Actresses are not prostitutes!"

The slut-shaming and targeting stars of the country is not new. Earlier, Anoushey Ashraf took to Instagram and shared an episode where a user harassed her.

The popular host shared a series of messages she had received as several women revealed their own experiences of being harassed online.

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