Whats's the second most sinful act in Ramazan, Dr Zakir explains

03:00 PM | 28 May, 2018
Whats's the second most sinful act in Ramazan, Dr Zakir explains

LAHORE – Muslims around the globe are observing the Holy Month of Ramazan with reverence, however, many of them have a query in their minds that what is the second most sinful act in Ramazan which breaks the fast.

According to Dr Zakir Naik, the second most serious sin that breaks the fast is masturbation.

“Prophet said that Allah subhanwatala said ‘all the deeds of son of Adam are for himself except for fasting it is for me and I will reward it. The person he abstains from eating, drinking and his desires for my sake’…”

When a person masturbates or ejaculates for whatever the reason is (except medical problems), the fast gets invalidated, says the Peace Tv scholar.

"The person has to repent to Allah and complete that day of fasting and should compensate by keeping that fast after Ramazan and There is no Kaffara and penalty because that penalty is only for sexual intercourse," said Zakir in one of his statements.

The scholar continues that if a person does not ejaculate and if there is only prostatic fluid that comes out then the fast does not break.

Similarly, this is a prostatic fluid and if this white fluid that may come out after urination then the fast does not break only thing he has to do is gusal and wudhu.