With or Without makeup these beauties are killing it

11:51 PM | 28 Nov, 2017
With or Without makeup these beauties are killing it
In a life full of bad decisions and internet here are 5 celebrities who will give you positive vibes only. These celebrities promoted positive image for all their fans out there and with that these uber beauties have shown us the real pretty side of them.

We have listed 5 celebrities who celebrated lazy, no makeup days (so relatable).

There are no excuses for laziness, but I'm still looking!!!

1) Kylie Jenner: (Get me those eyes)

This youngest Kardashian/Jenner blessed us with her flawless morning face over snapchat (kylizzlemynizzl) . Her picture got a lot of attention (cuz relatable lazy days, jk) as she and her clan is always seen picture perfect ready all the time.  (Rare sights)

Who is this?

2) Gwen Stefani: 

This 48 year old television personality and singer gave us true goals when her no makeup picture started to surface social media (Gwen is every girl who has to do early mornings, Damn girl!!)

That look though

3) Demi Lovato: 

This Disney star is known for her body positivity and her open discussions on mental illness ; she came forward to inspire and motivate her fans with her no makeup face through her Instagram account (@ddlovato). (So damn perfect, someone get me those freckles).

Rock them rosy lips

4) Bella Thorne: *Drumrolls*

This 20 year old actress made her way from Shake It up (Disney alert) to Hollywood movies and got real quick attention for her no makeup beauty which she flaunts in her snapchats (bellathornedab) and other social media platforms. (Watch out for this babe)

*Only if our selfie game was this strong , sigh*


5: Cara Delevingne: 

This pretty face has been famous for her unique walk on the ramp (putting that ramp on fire) and on fleek natural brows. A hint of crazy with this pretty face sums up her life giving us goals‼️


She came, she saw and she conquered.

With or without makeup these beauties have not only given us no makeup looks (goals) but they have shown us how to pull off no makeup lazy days with all that confidence and fierceness.

*runs off to take a no makeup selfie*

YOU GO GIRL(s)‼️‼️