Lollywood celebrities react to LUX Style Awards nominations, express mixed reactions

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2023-09-28T22:55:00+05:00 Noor Fatima

Following the coveted LUX Style Awards (LSAs)announcing its list of nominees for the 22nd edition of the prestigious awards, the nominations received mixed reactions from entertainment’s elite.

Acclaimed model Mushk Kaleem took to Instagram to support her friends and lauded them while also giving criticism. 

In her Instagram Stories, Kaleem congratulated makeup artist Arshad Khan, stating, "Congratulations are in order for my favourite people. So proud of each and every one of you!"

In another one, she added, "Looking at the LUX Style Awards fashion nominations and at this point, they should just completely cancel all fashion awards."

Actor Arsalan Naseer, who has been nominated as the Best TV actor for Paristan, expressed heartfelt gratitude to his fans and acknowledged the challenges of being an outsider in the industry. Naseer wrote, "Thank you for all the love guys. You have made an outsider like me with no contacts whatsoever survive in this industry...I owe you all big-time."

Fraud actress Saba Qamar expressed her gratitude for a gift basket from the promotional campaign inviting her to the show in Karachi. Up-and-coming actress Ramsha Khan celebrated her nomination with an animated GIF, while musician Abdullah Siddiqui used emojis to convey his appreciation.

Actress and singer, Sajal Aly and Aima Baig, respectively, also celebrated their nominations. Singer-and-actor Asim Azhar encouraged his followers to vote for their “favourite” artist while sharing the nominations list on his Instagram Story. "Thank you! Vote for your favourite," wrote Azhar.

Actor and host, Yasir Hussain, too, was grateful for his LUX Style Awards nomination. “Nominated for best actor and best director," shared the star.

 "It's a big deal. Thank you LUX Style Awards 2023. And thank you Express Entertainment and Hina Amaan for making Aik Thi Laila. And last but not least thank you Faiza Iftikhar for writing this different story of a strong girl. P.S: Iqra Aziz, you are also nominated for best actress in Aik Thi Laila. But you already have three Best Actor LUX Style Awards. But best of luck you were great in it like always."

Joyland star, Alina Khan, expressed her gratitude for the nomination and credited the success to the entire Joyland team. "I'm superbly excited to say I'm a part of the nominations in LSA 2023. Thank you, each and every one who voted for me. Without you, I'm nothing," she wrote.

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