Tokyo Olympics - German gymnasts wear full-body suits as protest against 'sexualisation'

02:01 PM | 29 Jul, 2021
Tokyo Olympics - German gymnasts wear full-body suits as protest against 'sexualisation'

The German women's gymnastics team has made a powerful statement as they all dress up in full-body suits at the Tokyo Olympics.

In an Olympic first, the women projected a bold statement as the following move was to promote freedom of choice whilst encouraging women to be comfortable.

The team is composed of Sarah Voss, Pauline Schaefer-Betz, Elisabeth Seitz and Kim Bui who competed in red and white unitards along leotards and leggings extending to the ankles.

Furthermore, they wore similar outfits during training on Thursday and said they could choose to wear them again in competition.

Voss said the team had discussed their choice of attire before competing on Sunday "As you are growing up as a woman, it is quite difficult to get used to your new body in a way, "We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and we show everyone that they can wear whatever they want and look amazing, feel amazing, whether it is in a long leotard or a short one."

German gymnasts' decision to wear unitards earned them praise from fellow competitors as they lauded their narrative.

Earlier, gymnastics from across the globe have often been subjected to widespread sexual and physical abuse. The increase in reported cases has resulted in the introduction of new safety protocols.

The female participant has a standard outfit which includes a leotard, with long, half-length sleeved and sleeveless garments allowed. Outfits covering legs are authorised in international competitions but exclusively for religious reasons.

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