Global growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan opens office in Lahore

05:06 PM | 29 Jun, 2016
Global growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan opens office in Lahore

LAHORE: Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting firm, recently opened its first office in the country Lahore. The multi-national consultancy is already has nine offices in MENASA (Middle East, North Africa & South Asia) region.

According to Frost and Sullivan, Pakistan is emerging as one of the fastest growing economies of the region due to many different factors, such as its favorable global economic conditions, successful integration into the global economy, its pursuit of sound, credible and consistent economic policies, and its strong institutional delivery and governance framework. The firm also appreciated the country's investment in physical infrastructure, human development, continued political stability and improving security situation.

Over the past two years, Frost & Sullivan has successfully completed projects with the Government of Pakistan like Restructuring of the MRO division of Pakistan International Airlines, Concept Masterplan of Lahore Knowledge Park etc. and is currently engaged with the development of a new economic city in Punjab.

Frost & Sullivan consultants have been working hand in hand with the clients’ teams to identify, strategize and capitalize on growth opportunities in various sectors. The new office in Lahore is testament to Frost & Sullivan’s commitment of continuing partnerships with clients in Pakistan.