Scandal of underage girls' forced marriages at state-run shelter home surfaced in Lahore

10:15 PM | 29 Nov, 2019
Scandal of underage girls' forced marriages at state-run shelter home surfaced in Lahore

LAHORE - A superintendent of a shelter home run by the Punjab government uncovered a dirty business of exploiting orphan and destitute girls sexually by senior officials in the guise of marriage.

Afshan Latif, the superintendent of Kashana Lahore, in a series of video statements circulating on social media claimed that she was being pressurised for the forceful marriages of the underage girls aged between 15 to 17 with government officials for their pleasure. 

She laid the accusation at Social Welfare Director General Afshan Kiran Imtiaz, adding that a provincial minister was also involved in this filthy activity. 

Kashana is looked after by Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal while it works under CMIT.  

Imtiaz was removed from the post by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar after the superintendent lodged a complaint against her and an investigation was launched into the matter.

During the inquiry, she said, CMIT was continuously forcing her to take back her complain and statements, adding that she continued to stand the ground. 

"As I refused to bow down, the budget of Kashana, Lahore was ceased and destitute girls were left helpless without clothing, food and education," she revealed.

In a recent video shared on Twitter by journalist IA Rajpoot, Latif can be seen saying that she was facing arrest for exposing the dirty games in the shelter home. She alleged that authorities were trying to wipe out evidence.

Some reports say Afshan Latif has been arrested by police.  

Besides the claims of Afshan Latif, CMIT presented another prospective in its inquiry report. Latif has been accused of malpractice in the report which suggests action against the official under PEEDA Act, 2006.