Waseem Akhtar not permitted to visit Quaid’s mausoleum

06:32 PM | 30 Aug, 2016
Waseem Akhtar not permitted to visit Quaid’s mausoleum
KARACHI (Web Desk) - Karachi’s newly-elected mayor Waseem Akhtar on Tuesday was barred from visiting Quaid’s mausoleum after taking the oath as a mayor at Polo Ground.

Speaking to media after taking oath as a mayor, Akhtar maintained that his oath will remain incomplete until he visits Mazar-e-Quaid.

The authorities said they are not permitted to allow Akhtar to make any further visit from Polo Ground.

Responding to Akhtar’s request to allow him to visit Mazar-e-Quaid, the authorities asked Akhtar to obtain a protection order to make any visit from the Polo Ground.

Earlier, Waseem was brought to the venue from prison in an armoured vehicle as the MQM leader has been in prison since July 19 after an Anti-Terrorism Court dismissed his pre-arrest interim application in a case for treatment of terrorists.

Addressing after being sworn in as mayor, the MQM leader was of the view that all political parties need to solve the problems of Karachi together dedicatedly.

“It is my request to all political leaders and their parties to work collectively for the development of Karachi because Sindh can only progress if Karachi progresses,” said Akhtar.