Five most annoying TVCs of 2017

12:30 PM | 30 Dec, 2017
Five most annoying TVCs of 2017
LAHORE - TVCs are our least favourite(s) when it comes to watching our most favourite shows on TV. They become even more disliked if they are seemingly annoying to both our eyes and ears.

Here is a roundup of the five most annoying TVCs of 2017.

1) Allied Bank TVC (PSL 2017)

"Aaj mai aap ko batata hon match jeetne k tareeke," was cute at first till it got overdone and was played every 5 minutes on every channel. Also, how does the tagline at the end fit the whole theme of the TVC?

2) Zaalima Chai Nahi, Coca-Cola Pila De

Yes, Coca Cola is a good drink to have. But, no, you cannot replace 'chai' with coca cola. Chai is life of Pakistanis. Also, we loved it when Lipton hit back with a tagline of their own (Pakistanis love chai.. Zalima, nice try).


3) Har Daagh Ke Peeche Ek Kahani Hoti Hai (Brite)

"Us din Brite ghar aya, aur kuch dinon baad, bahu." No auntie, somehow from washing powder to getting your son married does defy logic to some extent. Were you impressed by her power of persuasion, or was it that because she advised you to use Brite, you thought she was the perfect rishta material?

4) Maxx | Turbo T1 & T2 (featuring Mehwish Hayat)

So let's do some (trying to be cool?) dance moves on a very 'tapori' language song featuring an A -list Pakistani actor. Yes, that will surely sell all those mobile phones.

5) Giggly Eclairs TVC

Lesson of this TVC: Make sure you have a couple of these giggly candies at hand whenever you mess up and no one will ever get mad at you. And well, if that doesn't work, you are on your own then.