7 shocking and disgusting facts about hotels that staff will never admit to

01:09 PM | 30 May, 2016
7 shocking and disgusting facts about hotels that staff will never admit to
While you are away, hotels serve as your home away from home. But can they ever be as clean, private or safe as your own home?

No, because no matter how luxurious your hotel room is, there are some disgusting facts true to all hotels that hotel staff will never admit to.


One of the major reasons people book over-night hotel rooms is for sex. And, almost nothing is off-limits during a round of raunchy hotel sex. Worse still, hotel staff don't clean anything in the room, except for towels and sheets, unless they absolutely have to.


Bed sheets and covers in hotels are only washed if someone pees on them and leaves stains. If anyone manages to take a stainless leak on their hotel bed, it won't be cleaned! Helpful tip: ask housekeepers to change the sheets as soon as you reach your room.


Most of the hotels have every kind of filth in their kitchens. Have you ever asked any hotel to let you see their kitchen? Try it next time. And one more thing, banquet staff eats the food they serve you while they are serving you. Unfortunately, none of them will admit this.


Never ask for complimentary food or other refreshments at a hotel. It's usually at least a day old!

Room Security:

Think your belongings are safe in a hotel room? Think again, because virtually anyone on staff with a key can and will enter your room. And they might do with your stuff you don't want to be told about!


Try to avoid hotel pools for bathing, especially spas. People commonly have sex in spas and leave their mess in the drain, which maintenance guys don't dare to even touch.


Most of hotels have bugged their telephone lines. So there could be someone secretly listening to your calls. Try to avoid calls, except to hotel staff.