Success story of AKJ's entrepreneur, Waseem Shehzad

02:02 PM | 31 Aug, 2020
Success story of AKJ's entrepreneur, Waseem Shehzad

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and while no such preparation, there's positive to be a failure.”

Mr Waseem Shehzad is an expert social media marketer. He is a resident of Kotli, AJK Pakistan, and the most 'successful' person in the social media marketing field at the age of 27.

We sat down with Waseem Shehzad in his office and asked many questions about his life and his successful career.

Waseem Shehzad’s journey

He told that I belong to a middle-class family and I dreamed of becoming a big businessman someday While I also knew that I do not have any business as a family and neither was my education so much that I could do business myself I had heard about social media that you can increase your business without money. So I started my own business on the internet.

He explained how he did things on his own. He said that he learned digital marketing exclusively through instructional exercises found on YouTube, Google, and various sites on the internet. He said that “nobody around me knew a lot or had the information relating to this field (social media marketing) so my lone alternative was to class myself.” Waseem also said that “I have unsuccessful persistently in my business field and I even have succeeded solely once failing persistently which is that the secret of my success”

Waseem as a social media marketer

Waseem Shehzad deals with UAE-based singer and actor's social media account and promotes sales growth.

He said that “I'm a digital marketing expert, and I'm ideal with most of the singer's profile management, 

Any development tips for incoming web-based social networking individuals?

Today’s content marketing or social media platform is very advanced in terms. The exploitation of social media channels to attain quality is changing into easier and easier recently. Here square measure six things to seem out for once it involves growth on social media:

• Ask yourself why you ought to someone to follow your account. Define your purpose.

• Invest in quality photography, images, and business posts and videos. Show what you sell and show it with vogue. And if you can't initially invest, then you can freely share your post with as many people as possible in as many groups as possible.

• Don’t compromise on designs and production. Quality visuals cause you to face out.

• Consistency is important. Post systematically or be forgotten, simple.

• Experiment with content and sometimes move along with your audience. Think less, execute additional.

• Slow and steady always wins the race so focus on your work and improve it. Rapid success can be detrimental to your career because in a hurry man often makes wrong decisions and even one wrong decision can leave you far behind in the path of success.