Amrita Arora's Hip 40th Birthday Party was CRAZY

11:11 PM | 31 Jan, 2018
Amrita Arora's Hip 40th Birthday Party was CRAZY
Kareena Kapoor Khan threw her bestie Amrita Arora quite a big (and kinky) Bohemian themed birthday party - it was more like a bachellorette party!

They travelled to Goa for this birthday bash.

The glow on these ladies faces is brighter than your future, boys and girls!

The #AmmuTurns40 hashtag was literally EVERYWHERE.

As always, Lolo was a sight for sore eyes. She looked like a Greek goddess in this black and gold dress!

In fact, these women looked so young and beautiful, we almost forgot they are mothers of almost grown up kids!

*Lana Del Rey's 'Young and Beautiful' just played in your mind? Yeah, me too*

Here's when the party got R.E.A.L.L.Y crazy aka also the reason you guys clicked on this link. Warning: You can't unsee it, click play at your own risk:

Seen it 4 times? Don't even pretend like you didn't.

Saifeena couldn't have looked any better together, I kid you not *tears of happiness rolling down*

Amrita's husband also wished her in this brief but cute wish:

The gang left no mauqa to show us how good they look together:

Sirf yeh log nahi thay, yeh bhi thay:

And at last, the picture that will give you serious #SisterGoals: