#BeautyCare : Five natural tips to keep your skin healthy

12:45 PM | 31 Jul, 2018
#BeautyCare : Five natural tips to keep your skin healthy

LAHORE - Skincare is an essential thing to be given importance and yes like our lungs, skin also breathes in and out. So, we should take extra care of skin especially in this humid weather as excessive heat and moisture not only tans the skin but it also makes it dull and oily.

Here are some of the recommendations for maintaining healthy and fresh glowing skin in every season:

1# Apply Aloe Vera gel once in a while:

Aloe vera is a traditional remedy for soothing burns such as sunburn, but did you know it’s also ideal for soothing chronic skin conditions? Aloe’s gel is cooling for hot, inflamed patches of skin and it’s hydrating, making it ideal for psoriasis sufferers.

Aloe is easy to grow; just keep it in a warm room out of direct sunlight, and don’t overwater. Snip off a stem every now and then and squeeze the gel onto the skin; alternatively, mix the gel with a little olive oil, store in a jar, and use as needed.

2# Prepare home-based soothing herbal oils:

One remedy I love is from Cherokee naturopathic physician Jody Noe, who infuses fresh sage leaves in oil for skin relief; other herbs to use include red cedar, thyme, comfrey, and yarrow.

Chop one cup of fresh leaves into 1 cup of olive, sweet almond, or walnut oil and simmer gently for 20 minutes. Strain, reserving the oil, and pour this oil into the bath or apply it directly to skin patches and areas that have become infected.

3# Drink plenty of water:

Water intake is an important part of daily routine. Lack of water makes the skin dehydrated and yes it also affects the brain. Drinking 2 glasses of luke-warm water especially in the morning after you wake up and yes keep a check on how many glasses you have taken throughout the day.

4# Improve your sleep routine:

Lack of sleep can stress the adrenal glands and cause exhaustion, especially if other factors in life are causing stress. Stress and exhaustion can hurt the body’s ability to keep its organs health, and skin is the body’s largest organ.

Most adults need to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night; to help improve sleep, get enough exercise daily and drink two strong cups of chamomile tea daily — one an hour before bedtime and the second at bedtime.

5# Avoid excessive use of lotions:

It might seem tempting to smear pure, white lotions all over the skin to help with itchy rashes, but it actually does more harm than good. Commercial lotions contain chemicals such as urea, petroleum, and artificial colors and fragrances that can lead to allergic reactions and cause rashes.

When choosing a topical skin cream or lotion, look for ingredients that are truly pure: coconut oil, aloe vera, and pure essential oils are indicators that a lotion is helpful.