After chai wala, Pakistan's new craze is 'Tarbooz Wala'

12:33 PM | 31 May, 2018
After chai wala, Pakistan's new craze is 'Tarbooz Wala'
LAHORE - The internet can definitely make or break a person and we have been seeing it from time to time. Someone can be made famous within a matter of minutes while someone can be defamed in seconds. We surely remember Arshad Khan, more popularly known as 'Chai Wala', who won hearts all over when he got snapped at his stall and his image went viral.

The internet is now beginning to obsess over 'Tarbooz Wala'

As much as we would like to see 'Tarbooz Wala' benefitting from this craze, turns out he does not need any benefit to incur from internet's obsession with him, because he is already a doctor in the making!!

The name of the person is Muhammad Awais and he is currently studying at the Ziauddin Medical University in Karachi. His classmate cleared it out on Facebook.

He was preparing for iftar when snapped and mistakenly was thought to be a fruit vendor.

LOL, we guess a picture can really fool sometimes.