KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday gained 74.21 points to take the tally to the 49630.04 points level.

The PSX recorded the highest trading level of 49739.89 points and lowest level of 49534.07 points, with a volume of over 281.49 million shares and value of Rs 13.05 billion. Four hundred and two companies were active, of which 168 advanced, 205 declined and 29 remained unchanged.

Lotte Chemical remained the volume leader with 42.74 million shares. It was followed by TRG Pak Ltd with 28.34 million shares and K-Electric with 17.51 million shares.

The top three gainers were Sanofi-Aventis with price per share of 2645.86 (125.99), Unilever Foods with price per share of 5800 (75) and Wyeth Pak Ltd share of 4673.40 (73.40).

The top three losers were Archroma Pak with price per share of 694.81 (-36.34), Thal Ind.Corp with price per share of 574.75 (-30.25) and Shield Corp per share of 504.83 (-26.57).