NEW YORK (Usman Shami) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that dossier on Indian interference in Pakistan will be handed over to UN Chief.

Responding to questions at a Press conference, the Prime Minister said that he had planned on handing over the dossier to his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi directly but that meeting did not take place.

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As such, a copy of the dossier would be forwarded to the UN chief.

When asked about his initiative about forging better ties with India, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has put forward concrete proposals for improving ties with India with the hope that it would elicit a positive response.
The Prime Minister said it was in the interest of both the sides that they withdraw troops from Siachin- the world’s highest battle ground.

To another question about use of the Afghan territory for launching attacks against Pakistan, the Prime Minister said he hopes that the Afghan government would play its role and would not allow any terrorist use its soil for attacks against Pakistan.