LAHORE – Internet speed in Pakistan continued to remain slow on Sunday as a major outage in the international submarine cable system IMV, extending from India till France, could not be fixed.

Netizens faced difficulties after the 13,000km-long IMV cable was affected by a technical fault near Jeddah. Among the three faulty cables, the latest one is the submarine cable system IMEWE [India-Middle East-Western Europe] which developed a fault early on Saturday morning.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) operates the cable in Pakistan, as part of the international consortium that owns the cable worldwide.

PTCL General Manager Imran Janjua told the media that the fault occurred near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “A team representing the international consortium has been activated to diagnose the fault and remove this.

“The team will submit a report disclosing cause of the fault and the estimated time required for repair.

“The repair would definitely take a few days depending upon nature of the fault,” he said.

Internet users may continue to face the situation for quite a long time, as another cable SEA-ME-WE4, also owned by PTCL, is already under repair by an international consortium for over one month now.