ISLAMABAD – Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday claimed that the interior ministry had intelligence reports regarding probable terrorist attacks and provinces were informed about them.

Addressing a press briefing, the minister blamed provincial government for failing to act on directives of the interior ministry.

Nisar said that it was not his habit to slam other members of the government but had to break his silence after the federal government was lampooned for the lack of security at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine.

‘Was security at the shrine the federal government’s responsibility, or was it provincial’s’? Nisar inquired.

Interior minister claimed that the law and order situation in the country had improved a lot in the past three and a half years as there used to be multiple bomb blasts in the country each day before PML-N came into power.

Recounting the statistics on bombings in the country, Nisar claimed that the country had ‘progressed’ to the point that out of the 700 bomb blasts last year, nearly 450 did not cause any loss of life.

‘That is an achievement. I know that there should be no blasts in the country at all, but to come down from over 2,000 to 700 in a span of three and a half years is a feat that should be acknowledged and has been acknowledged by international organisations that keep tabs on such incidents,’ he added.

Acknowledging the power of media, the legislator said if it portrays fear, there will be an atmosphere of fear in the country. On the other hand, if it portrays hope, the people will be hopeful.

‘I once requested the media to not interview any terrorists; it raises their morale. All outlets listened, and since then no terrorists have been given coverage. This has helped in bringing the nation out of a state of hopelessness and fear’ said Nisar Ali Khan.