ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Imran Khan’s negative politics would destroy his future, severely criticizing the PTI chairman for his repeated calls of protests.

As the inside story of federal cabinet meeting goes, the PM was seen in a very happy mood and shook hand with each member of the cabinet individually even shook hand with the staff members of the PM house. However, when the meeting of federal cabinet commenced, the PM lauded Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan for his exemplary role in ‘averting’ the Islamabad lockdown by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

“You have won the match from your old friend,” PM Nawaz said to the interior minister.

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Nisar told the PM that Imran Khan was his old friend but not now, as he did not respect his words in 2014 sit-in. “I’ve ended our friendship for the sake of constitution and law, for the protection of state. As an Interior Minister, it was my obligation to avert any untoward situation in the federal capital,” Nisar said, adding that Police and FC have also played a very significant role in this regard.

According to a local news agency, the PM severely criticized the PTI chairman and said: “During the restoration movement of judges, I led the movement while Imran Khan did not come down out from his residence Bani Gala to lead his workers,” Nawaz Sharif said, maintaining “these are the enemies of country’s development and stability.”

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According to Online, the premier added that we have already approached the Supreme Court and would accept the verdict of judicial commission with open heart, whether it is in our favor of against. “I and my family members have presented themselves for accountability.”

On the occasion, some ministers were of the view that there is lot to be considered by Imran Khan. “The donation of Rs100 collected from party workers should be checked,” they urged the PM, who only smiled while listening to them.

Nawaz Sharif made it clear that development process would be continued and expressed the hope that PML-N would get the land slide victory in upcoming general elections of 2018.