PML-N to overturn disqualification verdict after assuming power, declares Nawaz Sharif

  • Those who did 'injustice' to me would have to pay very soon: Former PM
  • Nawaz Sharif had no competition with Imran Khan but his elders: Maryam Nawaz

MULTAN – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has affirmed that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz will amend the laws in the parliament and nullify the disqualification verdict announced by the Supreme Court against him.

Basking in the warmth of public reception extended in Multan by the party loyalists, the former premier warned that those who did ‘injustice’ to him would have to pay very soon.

The supreme leader of PML-N said that the people witnessed Lodhran by-election a few months ago and if God Willing the entire country would become Lodhran after a few months.

Enlisting the support of youth, Nawaz Sharif expressed that he would give them respectable employment and their homes would be illuminated.

“Make a promise with me that you’ll follow the advice of Nawaz Sharif in 2018 elections,” he said in his address at Qasim Bagh Stadium.

In a reference to the judges, the former premier asserted that they were striving hard to send him to jail, but hastened to add that even if he is jailed, he would stand by the masses.

The elder Sharif told the audience that he attended the 66th consecutive hearing of accountability court and then came to Multan.

The 68-year-old politician also took a jibe at the defectors hailing from south Punjab and said that the so-called claimants of South Punjab could see today that South Punjab belonged to whom.

Nawaz Sharif also slated his arch-rival, Imran Khan and said that he told lies in his entire life.

The former legislator once again decried his disqualification and said he was ousted for not taking a salary from his son.

“Does it sound a reasonable logic. If you think the decision was unjust, tell them that you haven’t accepted their verdict,” he asked the audience.

Speaking on the occasion, Maryam Nawaz said that the rule was quite simple: come with a vote and go with vote.

The former first daughter said that Nawaz Sharif had no competition with Imran Khan but his elders, whose orders Imran Khan was following.

Maryam Nawaz bolstered her claims about Imran’s association with ‘aliens’ by stating that Imran Khan got votes in KPK and sold the ballot out to Zardari.

“Aliens brought Imran and Zardari closer in Balochistan and the caravan that started from Balochistan had now reached in South Punjab in form of Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaaz,” she added.