ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Asad Umar has announced that a task force would be established for bringing back the looted money to Pakistan after assuming the power in center.

Umar, who is tipped to become the finance minister of Pakistan in the PTI government, said that assistance from foreign experts would also be sought to retrieve the stashed money, local media reported.

He also said that $200 billion were stashed in the Swiss accounts, while the economy of Pakistan has reached a destablising level with decreasing foreign reserves and swelling debts.

Highlighting the future action of the PTI, which is set to form the government in Center as it has bagged majority of seats in the National Assembly, he said that the poverty alleviation is impossible without giving importance to the agriculture sector. He revealed that direct tax for common man would be reduced.

Reiterating the major promise of his party, Umar said that the PTI government would help creating 10 million jobs during the tenure both in private and public sectors.

Offering relief to public in first 100 days is like giving lollipops, says PTI leader

On Tuesday, the PTI leader highlighting the outcomes of the party’s plan for first 100 days said that it will clear the path to achieve the promises made to the public during election campaigns.

Umar while addressing a press conference further clarified that providing any relief and subsidy to the people in first 100 days was like giving lollipops, an English daily reported.

Talking about the economical uncertainty in country, the lawmaker-elect said that the incoming government has various options on table, including introducing profitable dollar bonds to tap into potential of overseas Pakistanis. There are various bilateral and multiletral options that can be availed after coming into the power.

All economic decision-making should be transparent and the agreements should also be tabled in the parliament for discussion unless some real secrets were not involved, the likely new finance minister said.

Umar said that the PTI had been demanding that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) should be presented in the parliament to make the process transparent. He vowed to bring these agreements to parliament.