KARACHI – The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Friday said that PPP MPA Sharmila Farooqui was ineligible to hold public office or be elected due to her conviction in the Steel Mill reference.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Karachi wrote a letter to NAB Headquarters (HQ) stating that Sharmila has been declared ineligible to hold any government office or designation as the lawmaker and two other accused, Usman Farooqui and Mrs. Arsha, had entered into plea bargain with the bureau in 1999.

The plea bargain was later approved by an accountability court, it said.

In a second reference, all three accused entered into another plea bargain, which was approved by Accountability Court in Karachi in November 2001.

According to the NAB, all three persons stand disqualified for period of 21 years as per the court’s judgment in April 2001 and a period of 10 years as per another judgment dated December 10, 2001.