WASHINGTON (News Desk) – As many as fifteen people have so far died while around 85 million residents of Washington and New York were badly affected when deadly blizzard storm hit eastern United States.

The casualties were reported in Arkansas, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.

According to American media, over 4,400 flights were cancelled while transport remains shut in New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore.

Meanwhile an emergency situation was announced when 200,000 citizens in affected states were left without power. More than 22,00 National Guards were also reportedly drafted in.

The citizens have been advised to stay off streets while an operation to remove snow from key locations has already begun.

The snowstorm, locally dubbed as “Snowzilla,” dumped 22.2 inches snow on the roads in Washington while 25.1 inches snow was recorded in New York’s Central Park which is third highest since 1869.

Photos circulating online showed key buildings including White House covered with snow.