LONDON – The Swiss government has slapped “entry ban” on exiled Baloch leader Mehran Marri which is valid for ten years.

It is exclusively learnt from the sources that the ban was placed on request of Pakistani government which handed over a dossier to the government of Switzerland alleging that Mehran Marri – who is widely known as Mehran Baloch – has links with militant groups in Balochistan.

Mehran Marri has expressed his anger in a series of ‘aggressive’ tweets.

Mehran Marri was arrested and detained as soon as he reached the airport with his wife and family, Swiss government sources confirmed. The source said that Mehran Marri has the right to appeal against the decision of the Swiss government but “for now his entry is banned.”

Sources told that Pakistan’s Foreign Office has been in touch with the Swiss authorities about Mehran Marri and his brother-in-law Brahumdagh Bugti who lives permanently in Geneva on asylum. Both had announced that they will hold a major conference on Balochistan in the Swiss capital on 18th of November to bring together various Baloch leaders from Europe to announce a joint strategy.

Mehran Marri was on his way to Geneva for the conference on 18th when he was denied entry by the Swiss government. A Baloch source confirmed that Mehran Marri refused to accept the charges levelled against him and told the immigration authorities that he will appeal against the decision of Swiss government. He told the immigration authorities that there is no proof of his association with any violent group and allegations against him are political.

Pakistan Foreign Office said that the “dossiers” given to the Swiss government have a full account of activities of both Brahumdagh Bugti and Mehran Baloch, added that action against Mehran Marri was important.