KARACHI – At least three laborers lost their lives after they fell in a chemical tank in city’s Ibrahim Haidri vicinity on late Saturday.

According to police, the victims were identified as Bahadur, 30, Bahadurullah, 40 and Bale Ji, 35. The bodies of the three were recovered, two others were rescued and shifted to Jinnah hospital.

However, another laborer who fell into the tank, identified as Abu Bakar, was rescued. “He is in critical condition and has been transferred to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre,” a rescue worker said.

The bodies were recovered soon after the incident was reported.

In a similar incident in July, four labourers were killed and another rescued after they fell unconscious while cleaning a tank in a factory located on the outskirts of the city.

The incident comes as a grim reminder of last year’s tragedy that resulted in the loss of five lives in a Korangi factory.