Contributed By: MINA JAHANGIR

Dressing up during the unbearable hot months of June and July can turn into an awful tragedy if you’re picking out the wrong staples. Your best trick to avoid those horrid trickles of sweat that unceremoniously travel down your spine is walking down the minimalist path, flaunting your skin and sticking to the basics.

Here are 10 spectacularly summer-friendly outfits to help you get past those horrid NO OUTFIT days:

Crop it girl!

When the heat is pouring and pools of sweat are threatening to trickle down your back with every little step, why not delight your curves with a splendidly summery crop top?

It will allow you to cool off against the horrid heat, and flaunt a lovely moment of navel-revealing glamour. Pair it up with a free-flowing maxi skirt, cotton culottes, and high waist pants or ripped denims.

Dungarees, Why Not?

Let’s admit it, denim dungarees look super-hot if you know how to play them up with right staples, which consist of your basic tees, athleisure crop tops and even your button-downs. They are easy, minimalist and effortlessly chic.

Minimalism On-Point

Jumpsuits are your ultimate pick for days when you’re not in the mood for standing in front of your wardrobe and contemplating which staples to pair up for the day. They’re super functional when you want to look presentable but don’t have the time to create an immaculately styled statement. Just stock up some insanely chic jumpsuits for casual, formal and evening wear and flaunt your swaying curves with prideful confidence.


Halters are an essential must-have for summer, particularly if you fully intend to save your style statements from being brutalized by the heat and humidity. They will let you cool off, look voguish, and if you’re bold enough, perhaps you can sneak in a moment of backless glamour.

So listen up, stock up some halter tops, dresses, sheaths-and whatever else you can find because hon, you can never go wrong with these in summer.

Bohemian Vibes

If you want to make your slept-in denims and distressed old tees super-functional for a trip outdoors, invest in a vibrantly exotic kimono and you’ll unlock the key to voguish chicness.

Twirlin’ Time

Summer calls for an abundance of twirl-worthy moments on the streets with exotically bohemian maxi skirts that feature wild prints and artsy florals. Stock up some free-flowing maxi dresses with subtly structured seams to highlight your curvature and beat the heat without compromising your charm. Experiment with off-the-shoulders, tiered ruffles, statement sleeves and plunging V-necks!

Statement Shoulders

The off-the-shoulder trend is truly our saviour through these horrid months of scorching hot heat pouring down our heads, which makes it 5-seasonal monotony pleasantly delightful. Besides, designers have revamped this trends with bolder variations, like the one-shoulder sleeve, ruffled shoulders, cold patches, strappy plunges, bicep slits and lots more.

Voguishly Relaxed

A girl deserves to enjoy a chic moment of relaxed glamour as she lunches with her friends, or browses through the latest collections at a shopping mall. Truth be told, wide-leg ankle-revealing culottes are a splendid pick for your work wear wardrobe, particularly if you want to look chic without trying too hard.

Midi Marathon

Midi skirts that allow you to flaunt your shapely calves are a massively voguish staple that you must stock up in an abundance of prints, hues and patterns. Pair them up with your sleeveless tanks, statement tops, and even your button downs. These babies are on-point for both, your casual and formal looks.
Sun Dress? Check!

How can one play up one’s summer wardrobe without draping ones curves in a sharply structured strappy sundress? These beauties are just what a woman needs to accentuate her curvature, and stay cool in a summery floral print!