We all are familiar with the ‘What are we going to do THIS Eid’ question, and it always ends up in eating A LOT of gosht, & sleeping.

However, Team Daily Pakistan have something important for you to remember this Eid, & something for you to ACTUALLY make a difference this year! Are you ready?

At Eid Prayer, look for those who are alone, & invite them over for a HUG:

So there’s A LOT of hugging going on at Eid Prayer, go and find some Muslims who are standing alone. Go over and hug them, and wish them ‘Eid Mubarak’. We guarantee it will make their Eid a WHOLE lot better.

Go to a restaurant, & eat-as a family (Spend time with your loved ones):

Spend some good, quality time with your Amma and Abba if you haven’t all year round. This is the time to give them gratitude for all that they have provided you with. Spend time with your siblings, relatives too!

Record your Eid Day events, & go over them when you’re done:

Record all the ‘happenings’ on video, or audio and then later go over them when you’re relaxed post-dinner. We guarantee you will have a laugh and LOVE the time well-spent.

Visit a homeless shelter, & donate:

If you have any EXTRA food that you can give to homeless shelters, GIVE. Charity is all Eid and Ramadan are about, and you should definitely be doing this for your spiritual healing. We guarantee you LOADS of duas for the whole year!

Share your EID with your neighbours, & your gosht too:

Share your food with your neighbours too, and wish them Eid on a small card or a decorative box. Sweetmeats (mithayi) works fine too.

Here’s a small and DOABLE list of things you can look forward to, on this Bakra-Eid. We hope that you add up some of these to your list, and bring a smile to other people’s faces! Happy Eid, in advance.